Where Can I Fax Without A Fax Machine?

The above question may seem like a rather unusual question for those people that are unfamiliar with non – conventional faxing options. The fact of the matter is that it is actually possible to be able to send or receive a fax without a conventional fax machine. If you were wondering, where can I fax without a fax machine, then this article is for you.

Online Fax Service

Non – conventional faxing is not just about, where can I fax, it is also about how can I fax. These are basically two parts of the same concept. Past traditions and conventions as well as technological restrictions meant that we were all restricted in terms of flexibility and mobility as far as sending and receiving faxed documents was concerned. Conventional faxing strongly relied on the use of fax machines, one on either end of the communication strand.

Regardless of how advanced and sophisticated a fax machine could be it still remained restrictive in that it could only exist in an office or any real time environment. It is not possible or practical to employ conventional fax machines in a mobile setting. This means that if you need to send a fax or receive a fax you need to be where ever the fax machine is plugged in. with internet faxing or fax to email this then becomes a thing of the past.

To answer the question, where can I fax simply, the answer is anywhere that the internet exists or is available. With email fax technology you truly can be mobile because internet faxing means that you can now send or receive faxes from any type of computer or digital device able to receive or connect with the internet. This means laptops, netbooks, notebooks, tablets and even smart phones.
Subscribing to an online fax to email service provider is a very quick and easy and usually only takes a few minutes to complete. There are many perks and advantages to using online email faxing including a drastic saving on faxing costs, a permanent fax number and contributing to a greener world. This is the best answer to the question, where can I fax?