Free Fax to Email?

What is this service and how does it work?

Traditional faxes are fairly familiar. Achieving popularity late in the 20th century, fax machines had a place in many offices and home around the world. The principal was fairly straight forward. You would place a document into your fax machine which would then be scanned and transmitted to another fax machine, which would then print an exact replica of the document. Nowadays it is possible to receive a free fax via email. Here is how the sending process works:

Sending a fax from email

  • You simply need to attach the document you wish to send to an email message. The body of your email will act as the cover page of the fax.
  • Enter the fax number of the recipient, followed by the free fax service that you are using; for example,
  • The fax service will then convert your email into a format which can be transmitted to a fax machine and sends it, wirelessly or by phone line.
  • The recipients fax machine receives the message and prints it as if it were a traditional fax.

And it’s as simple as that! Not only does this service make sending faxes much easier, but it also saves on paper. This is why so many businesses are switching to free fax services.