Eco friendly Fax Service

If there is one thing to be said about traditional faxing is that it certainly no friend to the environment. If you take into account the amount of paper that is wasted with traditional faxing methods each year it is no wonder our forests are under threat! Fortunately we now have a more eco friendly fax services to look forward to i.e. online faxing.

Unlike traditional faxing where each page is automatically printed and eventually end up in the bin, online fax service go one better and put the power in the consumers hands as the consumer you decide which faxes should be printed and as an added bonus you get to pass the faxes along in a digital format to as many recipient as you like.

Because consumers are no longer using traditional fax machines there are far less CO2 emissions. Another added benefit is that online faxing save you a tremendous amount of money in the form of electricity, maintenance, paper, and toner cartridges.

With respect to electricity you will notice some drastic changes, faxes are delivered to the recipients email inbox; there is no need to leave the fax machine running day and night. In addition because no additional telephone lines are needed it is possible to scale the service without making unnecessary investments in hardware and additional telephone lines.

There truly is no better way to send faxes than via online fax services.